Harrington Brooks

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Customer portal made usable across all device types.

Harrington Brooks wanted to give their customer portal a redesign. This involved not only changing the look and feel but also how many areas worked.

Responsive Design

Debt management on the go.

The new portal was required to work across all device types and screen sizes. Early digging into the analytics revealed that most customers were actually using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to access their account details.

Wireframes and Prototypes

No guesswork needed.

The process started by first sketching out layouts and key functionality so it could be decided quickly what looked like it was going work.

The next step was to take them initial sketches and create wireframes then fully working prototypes.

The Result

A fast, touch and mobile friendly interface.

The result after a process of design was a clean and usable customer portal that quickly allowed users to access their information from any device type.

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