e-Commerce furniture store.

Oak furniture e-Commerce store

Increased conversions with expert usability and interface design.

We created a new and intuitive store for Oakness to complement their eBay presence. The emphasis was on usability and clear calls to action.

Responsive Design

Designed for on the go browsers and at home shoppers.

Oakness wanted their ecommerce application available across all device types and where possible use the unique device capabilities.

UX Design and User Testing

Designed for on the go browsers and at home shoppers.

The website went through internal user testing and iteration to get a clean usable solution. Multiple Prototypes and designs were produced and tested to ensure what was finally developed was the most effective.

Clean and lightweight UI

The interface just gets out of the way.

When creating any application that is aimed at selling online the design needs to get out of way and help the user achieve their goals.

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