Improving B2B eCommerce and the importance of usability and user experience.

Why usability matters so much to e-commerce customers.

Optimum User experience is vital to sales no matter what sector your business is in. But in recent times, it is becoming obvious that B2B e-commerce needs it more than others.

Recent research has revealed that more and more B2B customers are using online retailers because it is quicker and easier for them. These B2B customers do have high online expectations which are outlined below.

Improving user experience

User experience is one of the most important factors in creating a successful e-commerce business. A recent survey of UK Businesses found that 25% felt that a site’s usability is THE Most influential factor when looking for an e-commerce retailer. This means they would look elsewhere if your website had poor usability and probably wouldn’t make a return visit.

E-commerce is competitive, and it’s vital to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. More and more b2b customers opt to shop online now, meaning it is more essential than ever to ensure your website is fully optimised to give them the best user experience possible.

Our 4 top things to focus on are:

  • Invest in an up to date high performing website.
  • Look closely at your media strategy.
  • Make sure your shipping and return policies are attractive to customers.
  • Personalise your content with an app that offers more than your standard website.

Improving usability takes time, experience, Specialist knowledge and an up to date understanding of e-commerce.

Clearfront has an expert team who can test your current website, identifying key issues and put together a plan to make all the adaptations needed to give your site the best user experience possible.

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